Driver coach
and instructor

Talent and skill behind the wheel are expressed above all in knowing how to drive a car safely and being able to control or cope effectively with the possible unforeseen events that one is sometimes forced to face. In 2005 Matteo joined Andrea Adamich’s International Safe Driving Center as a qualified instructor.

Since then, in parallel with competitive racing, his activity has been focused on teaching safe driving techniques through Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands. In fact, Matteo transmits to Guests of the Center’s courses the essential techniques for safe driving and for knowing how to handle difficult or dangerous situations on the roads.

Furthermore, always through Andrea De Adamich, Matteo is a qualified instructor of the official Ferrari school with the main office in Maranello and the Asian offices in China, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

Today he also privately follows professional and non-professional drivers to help them improve their performance during sporting events.